A Cloud with a Golden Lining
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A Cloud with a Golden Lining

If you use interneton a daily basis chances are that you use the Cloud quite often. Services likeGMail, Facebook, Hotmail and Flickr are part of the Cloud. Groobix is also partof the Cloud, so if you are one of our customers you?ve used the Cloud too!

So what exactly is Cloud computing? It s a very general term used to define any IT service deliveredthrough the internet. These services may be IT infrastructure services likestorage space or heavy duty computing, or may also include business solutionssuch as e-mail or collaboration applications. The term cloud comes from the Cloudused in IT diagrams to represent services provided over the internet.

Using services fromthe Cloud has a series of benefits that include low cost, no need to install orupdate software, scalability and remote access.

Let s analyze thiswith an example. Imagine you are building a software startup, from day one youwould need e-mail for your employees, later you ll probably need otherinfrastructure like collaboration software and source code repositories. A fewyears ago your only option would have been to buy a server that would have areasonable configuration to host these services in an efficient way, to buy theapplications of find an open source application that suited your needs and tohire an IT administrator to install, maintain and update the applications. Allof them mean spending a lot of time and a lot of money.

Today you can hire ane-mail service from the Cloud and have your company e-mail working from thevery first day without having to invest money in a server and without having anin-house IT administrator. One of the most important advantages to thisapproach is the scalability it provides. Imagine your startup is a greatsuccess and in a year s time you get to have a hundred employees, gettinge-mail for all of them is as easy as requesting more accounts to the serviceprovider. No need to worry about your server capacity or the disk space. Also,if you are not lucky and you have to close your business in a few months youjust cancel the service.

Large companiesprofit from services from the Cloud as much as small businesses and maybe evenmore. Quick growth and adaptability to changes are very appreciated in thecorporate world.

The improvements inconnectivity and the world s weak economy play a very important role in thegrowth of cloud computing services. In the months and years to come the Cloudwill probably continue growing at a very fast pace, both in quantity ofproviders and variety.

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